Upgraded baby box – everything you could possibly need for both mother and child

Rasuolė Jasnauskienė decided to give her daughter-in-law a practical and special gift – a box containing all the necessary items for the first few months of her grandchild's life, just before she became a grandmother. At that time, the box had to be imported from Finland, but Rasuolė was so inspired by the idea that she established a social business seven years ago, providing the same newborn boxes to Lithuanians. The baby box has now been updated, with new bedding decorated with bird illustrations by illustrator Vilija Kvieskaitė and ideas from Elena Lund. The Baby's Nest kit has already attracted the attention of expectant parents overseas. We interviewed Rasuolė, the creator of this idea, and Elena Lund, who is responsible for updating the website, to discuss the purpose and finances of the baby essentials.

Although the idea of a gift for all Lithuanian parents is supported enthusiastically, it has yet to be implemented. The Baby's Nest team currently comprises just three members, including Anita and her daughter-in-law. Rasuolė Jasnauskienė and Vitalija Jasnauskė. These women whose heartfelt gifts to each other in anticipation of a son and grandchild started the Baby's Nest business.

Since the inception of her business idea, Rasuolė has been in contact with Lithuanian municipalities, and some of them now provide a box with essential baby items to all new parents. Rasuolė tried to get the gift to reach parents in all Lithuanian municipalities by seeking approval from ministries and even the Lithuanian Seimas, but it has not yet become a reality despite everyone nodding in agreement.

However, the cooperation with municipalities is a testament to the quality of the kit, which is eagerly received and appreciated by many people. Municipalities have extended the donation of Baby's Nest kits for another year. Parents can stop knocking on shop doors after purchasing a box like this.

The founder of the social business has invested time and effort in creating an inviting website, encouraging family and friends of expectant parents to purchase a box filled with baby essentials, decorated with birds or abstract figures by illustrator Vilija Kvieskaitė. The box is made of durable cardboard and doubles as the baby's first bed, providing a secure and soothing environment reminiscent of the mother's womb. The set includes a mattress, and everything else required for the baby's first few months, such as clothes, toiletries for mother and child, nappies, and waterproof sheets – a total of 35 items. Essentially, parents can avoid additional purchases by relying on this baby dowry to get them through the early months.

"We want to reach intelligent, active expectant mothers, grandparents, colleagues bidding farewell to a co-worker on maternity leave, and friends of expectant parents," explains Rasuolė Jasnauskienė.

Furthermore, the social business creator is also committed to preserving the original intent of the project: "All newborns are equal!" Although Rasuolė Jasnauskienė's goal of providing all Lithuanian parents with the Baby's Nest kit has not been realized yet, she donates a portion of the profits to families in need, including those from Ukraine who have come to Lithuania.

A very cosy photo shoot brought together mothers who are professionals in their fields For the website's update and the addition of a page for foreign parents, she collaborated with Norway-based, Elena Lund, who helped refine the brand design and assemble a team of photographers, videographers, makeup artists, and models, all of whom are also mothers.

The updated website features cozy photos by photographer Rasa Kuzmauskaitė, with the baby nestled in a box by Renata Kasakaitė, styled by Laura Petrauskaitė, and videos by Ugnė Bartusė, who received the Baby's Nest kit from the Kaunas Municipality herself.

E. Lund says that the Baby's Nest kit is functional and high-quality, and it also promotes sustainability by preventing excess items. The kit can also serve as a travel solution until the baby becomes mobile, usually around 6 months of age. The kit saves time, as it contains carefully selected, good-quality items based on both Rasuolė's experience and medical professionals' advice. The upgraded kit has already garnered the attention of foreign buyers.

Rasuolė noticed a shortage of premature baby clothes and came up with a new idea – a special kit for premature babies. These kits have gained attention from foreign buyers and have been sent to several European countries. The baby clothes in this set are smaller and have all the seams on the outside to avoid irritating the delicate skin of premature babies. All clothes are also unbuttoned and buttoned to avoid having to tuck the child's limbs into the creepers while the baby gathers strength and clings to life. After the success of the box for premature babies, R. Jasnauskienė plans to offer Baby's Nest to foreign buyers and will soon launch an English-language website.

According to E. Lund, "This is a product whose value has not yet been sufficiently revealed. Both the box itself and its design are really worthy of attention. This kit allows new parents to raise their baby in a sustainable, modern, and an aesthetically pleasing way."

Rasuolė Jasnauskienė made sure to prioritize the safety of babies by subjecting both the box and the mattress to extensive checks, tests, and registration in the European Union, earning quality certificates. She emphasized the sturdiness of the baby's sleeping crate, which is rated to support up to 35 kilograms, but can realistically support more. .

Those interested in giving the box as a gift may now purchase a partial set, which includes only toiletries for the mother and baby, and a diary called "Mum's Book" designed to help parents better understand their emotional and psychological states. Furthermore, Baby's Nest plans to offer smaller sized boxes in the future.

Some of which will be included in the main set and will differentiate slightly between products. These larger boxes will be perfect for storing cherished keepsakes and memories. Once used, these crates can be repurposed as storage boxes or used to preserve special memories such as the baby's first clothes, toys or shoes.

The baby kit will also be sold abroad under the name "Best Baby's Nest" with a logo that is associated with the name, and all the baby clothes are embroidered with birds.

Rasuolė plans to expand the baby bedding range so that buyers can choose their preferred products to add to the set. Rasuolė's business idea, which originated from a heartfelt gift for her daughter-in-law, has gained popularity among foreign parents due to her meticulous selection of items for the baby's first dowry, ensuring that the quality of the gift never disappoints anyone.

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