All newborns are equal!

Our initiated project, ALL NEWBORNS ARE EQUAL! in Lithuania was launched on 25 March 2017 and earmarks the return of the White Storks in Lithuania. We are delighted that during this time various organisations, almost ten municipalities and many good-willed individuals have joined the project. Regardless of the family's socioeconomic condition, we all want every child born in Lithuania to feel secure and to have a Baby's Nest of their own.

The anticipation of a newborn is full of both happiness and anxiety. In Lithuania,

Rasuole - Baby Nest

tens of thousands of families struggle to make ends meet. Large families, single moms, and parents of children with disabilities all face financial difficulties. Every mother wants to provide the best for her child, regardless of the family's financial situation. Let's make it happen together. Every baby box you buy advance us toward this objective.

We are carrying out the project on our own initiative, providing you the chance to support large families, single moms, and struggling families. When you purchase a full box or cot from our online store at, we will donate another one to a single mother, a poor family, or a large family. Purchase a Baby's Nest and make your own donation after notifying our company manager. Just tick the following in the Order Notes: “For the “All Newborns are Equal!" initiative.” And we'll send the package to the address you provided.

Share the idea of the initiative with your colleagues. Baby's Nest is the perfect gift for a colleague going on maternity leave. What's more, when you buy a full box, you give another box to a poor family with a baby.

We believe that together we will accomplish a noble goal of fostering compassion, care, and attention for Lithuania's most vulnerable citizens.

Businesses are encouraged to contribute

Organizations working on social programmes for kids, the disabled, young people and families, reducing poverty, promoting citizenship, etc. are always welcome to provide suggestions and help.

Let's embrace newborns with kindness and prove together that All Newborns are Equal in Lithuania.

How can you contribute?

Spread the word about this concept through your personal and professional social media channels to help us reach more people. The more Baby's Nest boxes we sell, the more gifts and joy we can bring to mothers who are unable to provide for their babies.

Transparency is our core value. Read more about the initiative here.

Using our website,, people and businesses may effortlessly acquire Baby's Nest as part of this innovative project in Lithuania
It is important for us that you see and appreciate our project objectives:

In four years, we have donated 25 Baby's Nest kits for families facing difficulties with their essentials.
These municipalities have joined the "All newborns are equal!" initiative:
Marijampolė, Kaunas district, Kazlų Rūda district, Kėdainiai district, Šiauliai city, Kaunas city, Kaišiadorys district.

Choose and buy a box according to your needs and budget. This is your way of expressing your willingness to contribute to the project.

No matter where you live – in Lithuania or abroad, you can support the project anywhere, because your purchased Baby's Nest on our website: will deliver the baby box where it is needed most. For payment and delivery terms, please visit the website.

All of your opinions are important to us. We care about our reputation.

We appreciate your support and you joining the social initiative "All Newborns are Equal!"

Buy a Baby's Nest and we'll send you a thank you letter.

Purchase a Baby's Nest for yourself – just remember to mention it in the Order Notes after informing our Company Manager: In support of the initiative "All newborns are equal!". We will deliver the parcel to the address you specify.

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