Questions from parents

What is the box/cot made of? Is it really good to sleep a baby in it?

The box/ cot is made of 5-ply recycled cardboard. It is durable and safe. This is proven by the EN 71-2:2011+A1:2014 standard assigned to the box. The box /cot is suitable for babies from birth to around 4-6 months (depending on how fast the baby grows).

It is advised against putting your infant in the same bed as mum and dad. The box /cot is small enough so that mums can keep it next to or even on their beds. The box /cot must not contain any object that could harm your baby.

The Baby's Nest is very comfortable and can be used instead of a folding cot when visiting or travelling. You can keep all your baby's clothes, nappies, wipes, and other necessities in the box during your trip. You may use the mattress as a changing pad at home and while travelling. Simply put a mattress inside the lid.

What is the mattress made of? Is it safe for my baby?

The mattress in the Baby's Nest is safe and complies with the EN 71-2:2011+A1:2014 standard. This is a comfortable, resilient children's mattress for your newborn's restful sleep. This soft, durable children's mattress will help your baby sleep well, and to wake up feeling refreshed and energetic. In the first few months of a baby's life, the specifically designed mattress, built especially for the Baby's Nest box/cot, supports the formation of the spinal curvature, enhances blood circulation, and the normal development of muscles. The mattress has good ventilation and doesn't retain moisture. The cover is easily washable and simply removed.

A firm mattress is ideal for your baby to rest on his back until he learns to turn over on his own. It has been demonstrated that a firm infant mattress with a 25 kg/m3 polyurethane foam density can help reduce Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, or SIDS. Most mattresses are made of polyurethane foam, which is perhaps the most popular type. Polyurethane is incredibly durable, resilient, and highly breathable because to its open molecular structure. Nowadays, formaldehyde and other hazardous materials are not used in the production of polyurethane foam goods. Our mattresses' polyurethane foam is STANDARD 100 certified by OEKO-TEX® and complies with all safety, health, and environmental regulations.

The mattress cover is stitched with synthetic knit fabric. Easily washable at 40 degrees and made of synthetics, linen, and cotton fibres. It is suitable for a box /cot, but can also be used in the cradle of a pram or in the lid of a box for changing your baby.

Can I carry my infant in the box? Can a baby in a carrier be transported by car?

No, you shouldn't use the baby box as a baby carrier or a car seat. The purpose of the Baby's Nest box/cot is as a newborn's first cot.

How long may my child sleep in a box or cot?

The Baby's Nest has been designed for your baby to sleep comfortably and safely from birth until around 4-6 months of age. You'll know when it's time to move your baby to the cot. Usually when the child starts to roll over on the side. Finally, when your baby is no longer sleeping in the box/cot, the durable and elegantly designed Baby's Nest is ideal for storing toys, clothes or as a play box.

What are the Magics products? What makes Magics disposable diapers special?

Magics diapers are a revolutionary new type of disposable diapers made using innovative Drylock technologies technology. The diapers are incredibly thin, giving your baby more freedom of movement. Cut in an anatomical shape to fit boys and girls. With flexible tabs, they are comfortable, easy to use and perfect for your baby. Active skin protection and smart use of materials ensure a silky, soft touch on baby's skin. Whether your baby is actively playing or sleeping peacefully, nappies will keep your baby feeling good both day and night. All Magics products have been produced strictly in accordance with current regulations, laws, ISO and IFS certification, and Dermatest® GmbH's hypoallergenic certification.

What kind of fabric or fibre is used in the baby's clothing? Can I dress in your clothes after the baby is born?

RBDT Kids Exclusives, our family-owned brand, presents specially designed products created in Lithuania especially for Baby's Nest: clothes, towel, blanket, mattress, bedding, etc. All baby garments are made from organic and natural 100% cotton fabric. The clothes have not been dyed or bleached, so they are ideal for baby's sensitive skin from day one. All fabrics are certified STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®.

What is RBDT Kids Exclusives baby Castile Soap? Can I use liquid Castile Soap from the baby's first days?

Yes, you may start using the soap right away once the baby is delivered. Castile Soap prides itself on its authenticity. It is made according to ancient recipes and with only organic and natural oils, without any additional fragrances. The soap is therefore extremely gentle and ideal for newborn hygiene.

Liquid Castile Soap is made with only organic coconut, olive, jojoba and hemp oils, which give your skin a velvety softness, while citric acid preserves the freshness of the soap longer than chemical preservatives.

It is a dermatologically tested product for babies from the first days of life. Castile Soap is a vegan product – it contains no animal fat and has not been tested on animals.
Once rinsed and released into the environment, the soap breaks down into biological components that do not contaminate water and are friendly to nature. Just a few drops are required to complete a wash because to the soap's higher concentration than that of typical liquid soaps.

What makes RBDT Kids Exclusives moisturiser special? Is the cream truly safe for the infant and the entire family?

Yes, the cream is suitable for the entire family. It is made from natural plant oils and butters to moisturise and soften the skin. Safe to use even for newborns from day one. Contains no flavourings. The occlusive and emollient properties of the cream's oils aid to prevent moisture loss brought on by external influences.

The cream is made in Lithuania and contains coconut, shea, grape seed, apricot kernel and cocoa butter. The cream is enriched with vitamin E.

Storage conditions: +5 to +23 ºC in a dark place. Keep out of direct sunlight. Keep out of reach of children. Test the sensitivity on a tiny patch of skin before usage.