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  • Ruta Liutkeviciene

    "I was impressed by the thoughtful security aspect. Mum can easily carry the baby from one place to another with the box. The box is designed to be truly perfect."
    Obstetrician-gynaecologist who teaches courses for expectant mothers at Vilnius Maternity Hospital

  • Dad Lukas

    "I wasn't prepared for a gift from my coworkers to be so large and of such excellent quality. The best part is that the box can even be rocked and is equipped with everything needed for a child to sleep soundly, including an ergonomic mattress. As an architect, I'm concerned with both form and function."

  • Ramune Vankeviciene

    “It is wonderful that every time one family purchases a newborn kit, another one is offered to families in need, helping to fulfil the objective that “All babies are equal."
    Dr. Ramunė Vankevičienė
    Pediatric cardiologist, neonatologist Neonatologist Assoc. Prof.

  • Mom Simona

    "This kit has really made things easier and saved a lot of time, as all the tools, from the baby's outfits to the mom's magic lotions, have been thought of."

  • Mom Giedre

    "We found the most essential items in the box. Everything is very well thought out and of high quality. Additionally, using a towel and baby soap makes bathing a pleasant ritual."

  • Mom Asta

    "The quality of the garments in the kit astounded me. Everything was planned out down to the last detail – to dress your baby comfortably. The clothes are very lovely and pleasant to touch, with no labels inside"

  • Vilma Jankauskiene

    "A newborn baby feels most comfortable in a smaller place after being in the womb for nine months. That's why this compact solution
    provides a safe space for your little one. A firmer mattress is needed to protect the spine. Babies don't require a cushion because their spines are perfectly flat before they sit; they don't have the curves that develop when they sit up or stand up or when they begin walking."