A special collection of preemie clothes reached Lithuania

Preterm babies enter the world unexpectedly and often cause a lot of anxiety for their parents. The fact that all the standard-sized clothing is too big for a newborn you are carrying around in your arms is one of the first concerns you have on a daily basis. That's why we've created the RBDT Kids Exclusives collection specifically for preterm babies, now available in our shop.

This collection was created not only with the size of clothes in mind, but also their quality. All of them are gentle on the delicate and thin skin of premature newborns. We already offer all the preemie clothes you need in our shop: vests, sleeping bag, trousers, caps, indoor and outdoor onesies.

"Every year about 2000 preterm babies are born in Lithuania. Finding clothing for such tiny newborns is a challenge. To help young parents find clothes, we have designed and made the RBDT Kids Exclusives collection especially for preemies. The name of this brand has the first letters of the names of our family members. This means that we guarantee the quality of the products bearing this name. All garments are based on Finnish experience. Just 40, 46, 50 cm tall clothes made of natural fabric: 100% cotton, which is non-dyed, non-treated with chemical bleaches and has the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® accreditation," says Rasuolė Jasnauskienė, the founder of Baby's Nest.

From the materials to the reversed seams, every item in the line is designed exclusively for preterm newborns with exceptionally sensitive skin. There is also not a single inner label in the garments that would irritate sensitive skin.
We have developed these products with love and with the safety of babies in mind. That's why the products are thoughtfully made to ensure that parents can dress and undress their babies with as little stress as possible: all garments are fully unbuttoned, both through the sleeves and the legs, crotch and toe-end. All clothing has additional folding mittens and feet stitched on, so no separate mittens are required.

We invite you to see and buy products from the preemies collection here

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