What clothes are suitable for a newborn baby?

Parents frequently have more questions than they anticipate when a firstborn joins the family. Most of the time, these questions come up in the shops. Clothing is among the first items you purchase for your infant. When purchasing each of them, you may be wondering whether this one is superior to the others and what standards you should apply to make your decision. The most important advice is to choose clothing made of natural materials.

Use only 100% natural cotton nappies, blankets, sheets and clothes for your newborn. Doctors also recommend this, thus every Baby's Nest we sell includes all-natural cotton clothing in addition to other items. Additionally, we now provide kits manufactured from chemical- and dye-free organic cotton.

Why are natural materials important?

The newborn's skin is soft and very delicate. For a number of reasons, physicians advise only using cotton for clothing, blankets, and diapers. Here are the most important facts about cotton that parents who are expecting or have just had a baby should know.
• Because cotton is soft, baby's delicate skin is not rubbed or irritated by cotton clothing. Since cotton is a natural material, it is allergy-free. You may not have to worry about rashes or eczema on your baby's skin.
• Cotton's main characteristic is that it quickly removes moisture and dries quickly. Cotton fabrics are breathable, so your baby will never sweat.
• Because cotton does not release even the smallest particles that might induce asthma episodes, unlike other textiles, it is the ideal material for newborns who have the condition.
• Cotton is durable and very lightweight. Cotton also protects the environment – 100% natural fabric biodegrades in nature.

Care of cotton garments

Cotton is simple to wash or clean. You may fully avoid using chemicals and strong soaps since this cloth quickly releases dirt and grime. A mild detergent for baby clothes and just barely warm water is all you need to wash cotton clothes. You can wash and dry cotton fabrics without any restrictions. Dry in special automatic dryers or simply hang to dry in the open air.

RBDT Kids Exclusives – created with love for you

RBDT Kids Exclusives is a brand born in our family. These are the highest quality clothes and other products made especially for Baby's Nest.

Try RBDT Kids Exclusives clothing, towel, plaid, mattress, sheets. Additionally, we have developed a unique line of premature baby clothing with reversed seams, no inside labels, and a smaller fit. All our branded garments are made from organic cotton or natural, soft, 100% cotton. The clothes are not dyed or bleached, so they are best suited for baby's sensitive skin. All our products are STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified.

Newborn cloathes

Everything is handcrafted in Lithuania and is lovingly designed.

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