RBDT Ladies Exclusives - a line of natural and safe products for pregnancy and breastfeeding

During pregnancy and breastfeeding, a woman's skin needs special attention

While expecting a child, and later after childbirth, a woman's body changes. Not only the body and its shape change, but also the hormonal system. Therefore, upon entering this new stage of life, it is very important to choose cosmetic products specifically for pregnant and nursing mothers. For this, we created the "RBDT Ladies Exclusives" product line, which will ensure special attention to your skin.

What cosmetics to choose during pregnancy and breastfeeding?

When you start expecting a child, your body changes, so it is natural that questions arise about what cosmetics can be used during this period. Experts advise to avoid cosmetics that contain preservatives or dyes. During this period, when your skin is particularly sensitive, avoid cosmetics with a large amount of retinols, silicic acid, parabens, formaldehydes, and other components that can damage the skin or cause allergies.

During pregnancy and breastfeeding, choose natural cosmetics that are free of chemical and synthetic components. Even if you previously used different cosmetics, your body has changed after pregnancy and breastfeeding, so the previously used cosmetics may no longer be suitable and cause unwanted reactions. This is the time when your skin needs special attention.

To help you feel good during this special time, we've created RBDT Ladies Exclusives, a safe line of products for pregnant and lactating women. We want not only children, but also their mothers to be happy and feel good, so we have carefully created products that will properly take care of your skin.

What is special about the RBDT Ladies Exclusives line?

It is a skin-friendly cosmetic during pregnancy and breastfeeding, designed to make the period before and after childbirth easier, fresher and allow more freedom of movement. The line consists of products created only from natural materials, intended for a better well-being of mothers. All of them are dermatologically tested, so they are safe to use when your body is particularly sensitive.

  • Fighting stretch marks. Waiting for stretch marks torments many women and some of the stretch marks that appear now remain for life. However, this can be avoided. We have created a balm that can protect your skin from stretch marks. It moisturizes and nourishes the skin. It is a safe product made from natural ingredients like coconut, macadamia, taman, jojoba, sea buckthorn, etc. oil. Apply to problem areas of the body every day after washing and enjoy the result.
  • For sensitive nipples. Both during pregnancy and breastfeeding, women face the problem of sensitive nipples, which eventually become bothersome. To overcome it, we created a balm for nipple care. It soothes, nourishes, moisturizes the skin of the nipples, helps prevent cracks and pain during feeding. It is safe because it is made with only natural ingredients like cocoa butter, coconut oil, shea butter. Due to the active ingredients in its composition, the balm also has anti-inflammatory properties and regenerates sensitive skin. Therefore, it can also be used to protect the lips from cold or chapping.
  • Postpartum hygiene. The first few days after giving birth require paying a lot of attention not only to the baby, but also to yourself. So that mothers don't have to worry about what to prepare, we have created a quality and thoughtful postpartum kit. This set helps to ease the period after childbirth and ensures body hygiene 1-5 days after childbirth. You can learn more about the set and its composition here

High-quality cosmetics are a great gift for a dear woman or for yourself

During pregnancy and breastfeeding, mothers pay all their attention to their baby, but it is also very important to take care of their own well-being. Therefore, RBDT Ladies Exclusives products can become a thoughtful gift idea for an expectant mother, a mother who has just given birth, or even for herself. Products that take special care of mothers' skin will make them feel better and more confident.

We want moms to take their time and enjoy this special time that will fly by very quickly. With RBDT Ladies Exclusives, you won't have to waste a letter looking for quality and safe cosmetics, because we've taken care of it for you.

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